Anne-Sophie Fenner
300hr Certified

Anne-Sophie Fenner started dance at the age of six and has never stoppend since. She has been a professional dancer, choreographer and teacher since 1990. With her own contemporary dance company she has toured and performed all over the world. At the age of 34 she was introduced to meditation. This is when her journey towards Yoga began. Living and working as a choreographer for several years in New York has brought her closer to Yoga. In 2011 at a Yoga and Surf Retreat in Bali she definitely fell in love with Yoga and has never stoppend practicing since. 2014 she was introduced to Jivamukti Yoga, by her mentor and teacher Karl Straub. 2019 she met David Life and Sharon Gannon in Woodstock. Anne-Sophie has been dedicating all her life to dance and the arts and has been teaching and coaching movement and bodywork for over three decades now. She completed her 300hrs JYTT in 2020. Sharing and teaching Yoga is the natural consequence of her dedication to uncovering the connection between our heartbeats and the rhythm of the universe.

Statement: “I have always been searching for our deep connection to the earth and our true essence. All my choreographic work mirrors that and Yoga is a continuation of my dedication to life and its beauty.“