April DeChagas
advanced Certified
New York
United States

Not only is April a yoga teacher, she is also a yoga student. She consciously and constantly places herself in the seat of the student, taking classes daily at Jivamukti, studying Sanskrit and philosophy. Because of this, she has a knack for describing the Jivamukti method in an undiluted way, and is knowledgeable about asana, Sanskrit, yogic scriptures and anatomy. April classes are thoughtfully sequenced and fun, typically building up to a peak pose in a smart, safe, alignment based way. There is an ebb and flow to the class, a pacing that allows you to build heat through movement and breath. April gets the “why” of an asana and it is felt, in a way that is approachable to all levels of student. Everything that happens in the classroom is done with purpose and high intention, from the dharma talk and chanting, music and asana, through to the end of class. Above all what sets April apart from other teachers is her enthusiasm and love of teaching. She is a seasoned yoga instructor, yet she leads class with the excitement and focus of someone just beginning. She is relatable and approachable, and uses stories and experiences from her own life that motivates students to explore what they are capable of doing. Executive summary: April is amazing. Go take her class. You will love it and you will love her.