Beth Watson
300hr Certified
United States

Beth’s piano teacher always repeated the mantra “fall in love with the practice”. But Beth never understood the profound nature of the phrase until she started yoga. With an initial intention to become more flexible, she ultimately fell in love with the yoga practice itself. Getting on the mat every day not only helped her achieve a new level of physical and emotional wellness, it expanded her capacity for love and compassion. She became a yoga teacher in order to share the sacred knowledge of her teachers and support others in their own physical, emotional and spiritual journeys. She resides in the Barracks Row neighborhood and is excited to help build a community of yogis on the Hill. Beth has a special interest in Sanskrit and sacred mantras, so come ready for a little chanting during her classes. Beth is most inspired by fellow yogis, teachers and students alike. Everyone has a unique journey. It is imperative that we support and learn from each other. Favorite Quote “All forms of Yoga lead us to bhava – the enlightened, inspired state of pure being. Bhava creates in us a direct experience of the unity of all things.”