Carolina Barajas
300hr Certified

A lover of mother earth, a student of life and a yoga teacher, Carolina stumbled upon a Jivamukti Yoga class, on a cold December afternoon in Old Montreal. A couple of years later, inspired and encouraged greatly by her teachers and friends, Frances, Jenn and Nina, and her partner Remi, she decided to embark on the journey of a lifetime, and travel to India, where she completed her Jivamukti teacher training in 2020. There, her path through this life became re-illuminated, reignited, and reanimated by the wisdom and kindness of Rima Rabbath and Jules Febre; a path that allowed her heart to bloom and unearth peace and serenity of body, mind and spirit. In this lifetime, and beyond, she will forever be grateful for all those beings who have come before her, and whose teachings have gifted her with Jivamukti; her heart’s gratitude to her teachers and mentors, Rima and Jules, Julie and Frances; to her Jivamukti family, whom with she will always chant as one, and finally, thank you to all those teachers, mentors and friends who have yet to come. Carolina started practicing yoga in 2014. Born and raised in Mexico City, she moved to Montreal, Canada in 2017 with her partner Remi, where she now practices and teaches yoga.