Christina Schramke
300hr Certified

I started practicing yoga in 2005 back in New Jersey, to help balance competitive sports and running. As the years went on, I discovered there were more benefits to yoga than simply balancing out muscles throughout the body, and found that it also deeply helped me through stressful times as a corporate professional. I tried out several different styles of yoga as I moved throughout the world for my career, but once I stepped into Jivamukti Berlin, I was at home! Inspired by teachers Anja Kuehnel, Martyna Eder, and more, I continued to deepen my practice and find a happier way of living. I soon found myself bringing friends and family to the studio, and decided I wanted to continue sharing the Jivamukti experience with more people by becoming a teacher myself. I first completed the 75HR training in Berlin, and then the 300HR training in India. As I continue as a teacher I hope to inspire and bring happiness to others, as my great teachers have brought to me. Shanti shanti shanti.