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Christine Furler

300 Hr Certified



About Christine

Christine is into movement and body art since she was a little girl. Her yoga path started parallel to being a dancer and evolved deeply while traveling Central America. Christine became a traveling Yogini, dedicated Yoga practitioner and a passionate Vegan. Yoga is an art of living that makes her embrace and appreciate herself and everyone and everything around her. It lets her find new answers, makes her shift perception and reinvents herself over and over again. Awareness became a key and a planet-friendly lifestyle a permanent accessory.

She completed a 200hour Vinyasa Teacher Training in Mexico, Playa del Carmen in 2009, the 300hour Jivamukti Teacher Training in New York in 2011 and Aerial Yoga Teacher Trainings in Germany and Bali in 2017. Ever since she brings together what she has been studying and continues to shape and grow her practice as well as her teaching – on and off the mat. Christine’s classes offer students the opportunity to embody the Asana so as to challenge and shift perceptions. Her teaching style is compassionate and grounded, can take you out of your comfort zone and is always spiced up with some fun moments.

“I am in love with life, full circle – the deep and heavy moments as well as the light and playful ones are welcome and get chewed up. I am looking for the clouds dancing in the skies and I love silly things. Playing is a requirement and growing up optional. I am coming to terms with my own uniqueness and will encourage everyone to do the same."