Claudia Schettini
800hr Certified

The first time Claudia stepped on a yoga mat was in 2010…and then she has never got out of it. The Jivamukti method came in her life some years later, during a really hard period and, since the first approach, the method has been showing her that at her very core, beneath a deep sense of darkness, there was an unshakeable, unified and life-affirming desire and ability to heal, giving here some first glimpses of freedom. Practising asanas, starting to explore pranayama and meditation and jumping into the wonderful world of chanting mantra were vital to her to feel grounded and to be aware again of the strong connection between mind and body.

Claudia decided to embark in the journey of becoming a Jivamukti teacher since she wanted to share with others the light that the path of yoga brought into her life. Practising yoga taught her that we don’t have necessarily to change our own reality to be happy, but the perspective can be different if we look at it from the heart. Since the very beginning of this life-lasting path, she has been learning from and growing up beside her dearest teacher and mentor, Olga Oskorbina, to whom her deepest gratitude goes.

Claudia’s motto, passed to her from her teacher, is what she aims to teach to her students: “You can’t fall off the path, it is all the path”. This is what she always tries to incorporate in her classes which are dynamic, highly inclusive and accompanied by a playful atmosphere…and always by a big smile.