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Danielle Prager

800 Hr Certified

New York, NY

United States

About Danielle

Danielle was raised in New York City. She began working when she was 9 years old and hasn't stopped since. It wasn't until she found Jivamukti yoga that she found the answers she had been looking for--to all her questions.

After graduating from the 300-hour Jivamukti yoga teacher training 2007, Danielle was blessed with the opportunity to apprentice with Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher Narayani (Nicole Nichols) and receive 800-hour certification.

Danielle believes that the goal of yoga is not only to find a temporary refuge from our daily troubles but also to directly realize the ultimate nature of ourselves and our world to thus permanently eradicate suffering in all its forms, for all beings.
Using the breath, the body, and the mind together to reach that sacred goal, we learn how to practice our yoga on the mat and to perfect our yoga off the mat.
Danielle's asana classes are infused with reflections on the yogic teachings balancing the physical with the spiritual aspect of the practice.

She offers pranams at the feet of her perfect teachers, Sharon Gannon, David Life and Geshe Michael Roach for their generosity and guidance.

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