Danielle Sheridan
300hr Certified
United Kingdom

Danielle is a 300-Hour certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher. Danielle started practicing yoga in her teens. She and her friend Giulia would race out of school to make it in time to their favourite yoga class. Half way across town, 3 trains and a brisk run later they arrived at the studio still in their school uniforms. She will never forget the smell of the incense they burned, or how calm she felt when she stepped through the door. In college she met a quirky teacher at the local yoga studio who broadened her mind by introducing her to yoga philosophy. She began to embrace the principle of Ahimsa as a guideline for living. She extends her love and thanks to her teachers Sharon Gannon and David Life, Lady Ruth, Tom Gillette, Shannah Green, Jessie Eisendrath, and the countless other teachers who have guided and inspired her along this path.