I Have a pratiche yoga Now for more than 15 years, My love for The practice began thanks for a mama’s books, I started practicing alone, and I felt that I liked to listen to my body, to draw different shapes through my body … being very young I enrolled in artistic gymnastics, then I decided to do karate … and after karate I started contemporary dance but I I felt something was missing, I had heard about meditation and found a Zen master in my town where I started practicing zazen, One vacacion in Mexico I met Ram Indian teacher and Ayurveda doctor from Dharhamsala and I started to get interested in Ayurveda. When I returned to Italy I decided to enroll in yoga / ayurveda training. After 5 years of training I started teaching vinyasa yoga. I never stopped practicing and studying; I’m certified the great yoga wall by Bryan léger, I have a specialization in pregnancy yoga, yoga theraphy for woman and in february 2017 I am registered at TT jivamukti and it was really a blessing!For 6 years I have been running a small yoga center in Parma a small Italian city and one day I hope to bring a jivamukti center to my small town and be a good teacher. Peace &love