Diouldé Diallo
300hr Certified

In London where she lived, Diouldé learned from Durga Devi, Cat Alip-Douglas, Will Lau and in Paris, she was following the teachings of Alex Marvin Avila. She attended the Jivamukti Yoga Masterclass in Paris where she met Rima Rani Rabbat, Yogeswari and Carol Issa Karing. Diouldé now lives in Barcelona, doing her 500h JTAP with Olga Oskorbina. In the past 12 years, she has been a Personal Trainer, a Pilates Specialist, a 200h Yoga Teacher with Yoga London, she taught English and French in Asia with her TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language), a Business Coach in the Luxury Fashion World. Now, she is a Jivamukti Yoga teacher, sharing her knowledge and passion by serving others. Through the years, Diouldé changed her lifestyle completely. From wearing fur coats, smoking countless cigarettes and a five a day of ‘plastic’ coffee she is now following a strict vegan lifestyle and delved further into the studies of Yoga. Through the teachings, which have been passed on from Sharon Gannon, she has realised what it means to walk the path of Yoga after graduating from the Jivamukti Teacher Training in India. What is key for her is to remain a committed student. Diouldé extends her gratitude to Olga Oskorbina, Hachi Yu, Yogeswari and Jules Febre, Sharon Gannon and David Life, for their continued inspiration and guidance. LOKAH SAMASTAH SUKHINO BHAVANTU May all beings everywhere be happy and free and may the words, thoughts and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all.