800hr Certified
Newport Beach
United States

Elizabeth recently moved back to California from Brooklyn, NY where she taught at Shambhala Yoga Dance, Jewel City yoga, Jivamukti Manhattan and Jivamukti Jersey City. Her training is mostly Jivamukti (800+ hours) with juicy side dish of Yin, pepper of Ashtanga, a dash of Iyengar and a base of Bhakti. Elizabeth studies directly with Sharon Gannon and David Life, Patrick Broom in Germany, Kristen Watson-Geering in Switzerland, Shyam Das in the ethers, and Andrea Boyd & Jeffrey Cohen in Charleston, SC. She is constantly exploring new opportunities for expansion of collective consciousness, which have led her to study with amazing flavors of yoga and mysticism across the globe. Her teaching philosophy (which dates back to her days as a Kindergarten teacher) is that each human is a unique creation. As such, a teacher/guide must facilitate a space simultaneously nourishing and challenging for a variety of beings, guiding them to cultivate connection to their one true teacher, who resides within: Om bolo sri sat guru Bhagavan ki, Jai!