Elin Skuladottir
300hr Certified

Elín started her yoga career in 2006 when she signed up to travel the world as fitness instructor on board a cruise ship. Yoga classes were more popular on the cruise ship than aerobics so she was made to take a yoga teacher crash course. Once on land she went back to her fitness classes. Teaching the occasional yoga class. As the years went by she found her self teaching more and more yoga classes. Until she didn’t want to teach anything else. In 2017 Elín was diagnosed with an aggressive type of breast cancer. Determined to help her body she decided to turn to a no sugar, whole food, plant based diet. Her Icelandic diet was pretty far from it. She spent her chemotherapy transitioning her family of five to a vegan diet. So her vegan journey started out for health reasons. The environmental impact of veganism was surely a bonus. After transitioning her diet it became about compassion for animals. Finally a spiritual journey, a journey of non-violence. She turned to Jivamukti Yoga to incorporate veganism into her yoga practice and teaching.