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Elisa Solinas

300 Hr Certified

Brooklyn, New York

United States

About Elisa

Elisa is a 300 hour certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher, an art director/ creative producer, with over a decade of experience working across international news, digital media and non-profit.

Born in Brooklyn, to an Italian father and Jamaican mother, she was raised in multiple countries, mostly in Europe. She cherishes the unity of all beings. One Love. ॐ

While recovering from knee surgery after a skiing accident, she came across Jivamukti Yoga school in 2016, by curiously wandering into the NYC location after a PT appointment. Immediately drawn in by the spiritual vibe and ancient yoga teachings, she found her community and a wonderful source of contentment, healing and balance.

In 2018 she embarked on the 300 hour teacher training in India, facilitated by Sharon Gannon, Moritz Ulrich and Yogeswari.

Elisa continues to deepen her knowledge of yoga practice and philosophy through her NYC based + international teachers Rima Rabbath, Monica Jaggi, Yogeswari and Jessica Stickler. She is deeply grateful to Jivamukti Yoga founders Sharon Gannon & David Life for their teachings.