Elisabeth Marino
300hr Certified

My name is Elisabeth Marino, nicknamed Sissy. I started to practice Ashtanga Yoga fourteen years ago. After four years I became a certified Ashtanga Teacher. Mag. Axel Dinse and Manfred Gauper were my teachers. Soon afterwards I created the Yoga Atelier in my beloved hometown Vienna. I got a certification in Hormon Yoga by Dinah Rodrigues. Further I learned how to teach Spiral Dinamics by Eva Hager-Forstlechner. Afterwards I did the 300 hour Jivamukti TT in Costa Rica. Frequent workshops and retreats are making my day. I feel very blessed, because my national and international teachers are awesome and I never stop to humbly send my thankfulness to all of them. I love my work as yoga teacher in my own Yoga Atelier and I welcome each yoga student as my personal teacher too. Current taught Yoga styles are: Ashtanga Yoga, Jivamukti Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga, Mama Baby Om, Hormon Yoga and Youth Yoga. The 300 hour TT in Costa Rica 2013 still works in me, like the many Jivamukti Retreats all over the world with Yogiswari, Anja Kühnel, Cat Alip Douglas and many more of my beloved Jivamukti Yoga teachers. It has widen my horizon in many ways, as well as it allowed me to keep in touch with wonderful people from all over the world.