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Emanuela Ricci

Advanced Certified



About Emanuela

I was born and raised in Italy where I lived until 19. At this age I started traveling and wanting to discover what was ‘out there’, studied worked and lived in magical Prague for 10 years studying film & tv production and then working in the business.

After a wonderful life  worthy experience in Vancouver (Canada) I moved back to Italy.

I became a mother in 2005 and since then I chose not to go back to the stressful pace of  the film industry. That is when yoga came into my life!! Now I know it happened then ‘cause I was ready for it at that point.

In 2007 I met my first Jivamukti teacher: Yogeswari. It was love at first class!!! Since then I had a strong desire to deepen my practice and my knowledge of this  philosophy. As my teachers always say: ‘when the student is ready, the teacher appears.’ And so it has been for me.

Two years later Sharon Gannon and David Life held a  workshop in Rome, since then I walked the Jivamukti path until 2011 when I was blessed to be able to take the JIVAMUKTI TEACHER TRAINING course with my beloved gurus. One whole month of incredible work, joy, laughter ..and tears.

It has been a life changing experience at several different levels. Walking the path of liberation is possible HERE & NOW.

Since my graduation as a Jivamukti teacher I have been teaching in Rome and nearby and meanwhile travelled to India to deepen my studies as well in other yoga institutions such as Sivananda Yoga Ashram in Neeyar Dam  South India. Assisted advanced Jivamukti teachers and assisted during a workshop Sharon Gannon held in Rome in 2012 for the presentation of her book Yoga & Vegetarianism. The diet of Enlightenment.

After a two-years experience in Tenerife with my daughter, our dog, we all came to Barcelona.

I am hoping and willing to share my teacher’s teachings and things I discovered on the path of spiritual awakening.

Yoga is an amazing experience that can open unexpected prospectives in front of our eyes. All we need to do is let go. Allow the practice to do its magic.