Erika Ramberg
800hr Certified
United States

I’m Erika. Originally from Seattle, I moved to Berlin in my mid 20s searching for something. I think it was freedom, or adventure, or maybe I hoped to find a ‘reason’ for living life, when my existential suitcase was feeling pretty heavy. Berlin was dark, and cold, and so through a chain of unimportant events I found my way to a yoga class. Within the special alchemy of the city, and really, within yoga, I found space to heal. Yoga gave me tools to sit with my pain, and to understand that this staying put is the way to move through it. A twice-a-week yoga practice quickly turned into a daily one, and now yoga is a fundamental part of my life. I’m kind of obsessed with it. I received my 300-hour certification in 2012 in Dorset, England with Rima Rabbath, Yogeswari and Patrick Broome, and in 2013 completed my 800-hour certification with the incredible Miriam Iannone. None of this would be possible without my teachers. A big thank you also goes to Anja Kühnel and Christian Walter for believing in me from the start. With the support of these teachers I’ve burned bright with the the love of continual learning, inquiring who I am, and why we’re here. I am very happy to be in Seattle, sharing this practice back at home. CERTIFICATION: 300-hour in Dorset, 2012 800-hour Berlin 2013