Eva Kvasnicka
300hr Certified

I don’t even remember when I started to do Yoga. My mum and my aunt always took me to classes when I was not more than 6 years old. I remember sweating during the Bikram class they took by that time and being by far the youngest one. Since six years I practice on a regular basis. The studio I go to offers a variety of yoga styles, I found vinyasa yoga to be the best for me. I took some workshops they offered in the studio, until I took the Jivamukti Teacher Training in Costa Rica in 2015. This changed my point of view on yoga completely. It was an amazing experience and I still think about my time there very regularly. Right after the training I started to teach one class per week and after some time I had my regular classes on the schedule. Right know I am teaching several classes per week and improve every time I get the chance to teach. I am looking forward to learn more and gain more experience in teaching.