Gina Stec
800hr Certified
United States

After taking interest in yoga practice here and there to try to navigate the pressures of school, work and life, Gina took her first Jivamukti yoga class in 2002. The practice was very beneficial both early on and over time, guiding Gina to become a certified Jivamukti yoga teacher in 2010. She held a regular schedule as a Jivamukti Yoga School NYC faculty member for five years, and now teaches in Chicago. Gina’s classes are inspired by past training in movement and performing arts; which brings soulful and focused qualities to the classroom. Gina combines attention to alignment within a fluid sequence intended to activate and bring awareness to the physical and subtle bodies. She believes that with steady practice we can grow, cultivate balance, and develop inner strength— as we gain awareness of the connected and limitless nature of our true self and the world around us. She offers immense gratitude to her remarkable teachers throughout the years, her beloved parents and family. She is fortunate to have studied the method with Ruth Lauer-Manenti, Rima Rabbath and her dedicated mentor Monica Jaggi, and with her treasured teachers Sharon Gannon and David Life.