Ian Szydlowski
advanced Certified

Currently active teacher program director at Jivamukti Yoga Paris, scheduled to open in March 2020. I hope to inspire and serve others by offering an integrated practice and experience of Yoga as I have practiced and understood it from my teachers. Yoga practice not only as an instrument towards liberation– but as liberation in itself – as taught in the exciting tradition of Jivamukti Yoga. I Love practicing and teaching Jivamukti. Over many years I attended classes as a student at the center in New York, and this was my daily ritual that complemented my life there for so long I always want to share that love. I am indebted to all my teachers and masters over the years, especially my mentor Rima Rabbath who ultimately showed me such dedication and service that she has inspired me to follow on this path as best I may. May yoga can be a tool to help us learn to be more receptive in order to nourish our highest potential! Yoga asana not only transforms the physical body, and can lead to radiant health, but working with the other limbs of Yoga can purify our subtlest form and prepare us to be a better vehicle, a better servant, to make of ourselves like a light like the Buddha has said.