Jeanine Darconte
advanced Certified
New York
United States

Jeanine is an advanced certified Jivamukti Teacher and Head of Operations, North America for Jivamukti Global. Previously, she oversaw Continuing Education for Jivamukti programs worldwide and was the Director of Jivamukti NY in Union Square for many years. She completed Jivamukti NY’s last year-long teacher training in 2001 and then apprenticed with Jivamukti co-founder Sharon Gannon. Those experiences continue to influence Jeanine’s asana sequences, spiritual teachings and her focus on ethical practices. She is also mom to two boys, Casey and Alex, and to a cute toy poodle named, Bear. Jeanine regularly teaches group and private Jivamukti classes. She was a mentor in the Jivamukti 800-Hour Apprenticeship Program (JTAP), which draws teachers from around the world to continue their studies at the Jivamukti centers. Jeanine enjoys studying anatomy and the art of hands-on assists, and is happy to share that knowledge with her students.