Jeanine Munyeshuli
advanced Certified

Jeanine is currently based in Kigali, Rwanda. She was born to Rwandan parents in their exile; her late mom used to say that she was born with eyes wide open. Although her memory cannot stretch that far back, she does remember, as a child, walking carefully to avoid stepping on ants.⠀
It is to study that she landed in Geneva in 1994, leaving behind a million of her people swept away by the genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda. The beautiful city by the lake Leman adopted her and soon, she was working in the financial sector. She remembers the first time she ever stepped into a yoga studio, there was an immediate sense of home and a childlike happiness.

When she met with Sharon Gannon, Jeanine knew she had found the teacher she had been looking for. She is deeply grateful to her, to David Life and to their teachers, particularly to the gentle Swami Nirmalananda. Making meaningful encounters is Grace. Words are not enough to thank them.

Beyond book knowledge and human language, Jeanine feels privileged and truly blessed to have directly experienced the wisdom of ages from Mother Nature in her most pristine form. To Her, she bows deeply.