Jeremy M Moran
300hr Certified
San Francisco
United States

Jeremy Moran teaches Jivamukti Yoga at San Mateo’s Nandi Yoga and at other locations around the San Francisco Bay Area. He is a graduate of the 2003 Jivamukti teacher training program, which was the first time Jivamukti founders Sharon Gannon and David Life taught their 300 hour immersive training outside of a Jivamukti Center. Based on his strong relationship with Sharon and David and their teachings, Jeremy brings insight, wisdom and skill to his instruction. Infusing the physical teachings of Yoga in a rigorous vinyasa form, Jeremy mines the scriptural teachings of Yoga with topical stories from his own life as a father, husband and professional chef. Students describe his teachings as deep, contemplative and devotional. Always paired with a great sound track of gospel, reggae, rock and devotional music of many faiths, Jeremy’s classes are spirited and inspiring.