Jill Abelson
advanced Certified
San Francisco
United States

Who am I? I was born, adopted and raised in Miami, Florida. The curious circumstances of my birth meant that from a very early age I pondered the eternal question: “Who am I?” I was obsessed with questions about God, fate and identity, and would stay awake till all hours of the night, thinking big thoughts for a little girl. You might say I was destined for a spiritual path. At age 27, I undertook a search for my birth family, a life-changing experience that reaffirmed my belief in karma and the power of self-inquiry. I found Yoga through my lifelong study of classical dance, two pursuits that continue to dovetail in interesting ways. My Yoga mentors include Lex Gillan, David Swenson, and Shiva Rea, among others. But it was in the worldwide Jivamukti Yoga community where I truly found my home, and further developed my craft under the expert spiritual tutelage and ongoing support of Sharon Gannon, David Life, and mentors Vanessa Kennedy and Nicole Nichols. I’m Advanced Certified in the Jivamukti lineage, and was honored to serve as a Mentor at Teacher Training in May 2016. My dance training continues with my extraordinary teacher, Lee Wei Chao at Alonzo King/Lines Ballet. World View Alongside yoga, I work in the field of environmental health and protection, focused mainly on solutions to climate change. I’m also a breast cancer survivor (AKA “thriver”), an experience that forced me to “walk the talk. ” It informed my spiritual journey like nothing else could, and has taken my teaching to surprising new heights. My original satsang continues to blossom in Washington, DC. I live, work, write, teach and mentor teachers from my home base in San Francisco CA.