Juan Sierra
advanced Certified
United States

Juan (born in Peru and raised in NYC) is an Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher and a Mentor for Jivamukti Yoga Teacher Trainings. He was introduced to Yoga by a friend, and that was the turning point in his life. Yoga contributed to peeling away the layers of avidya (illusion, ignorance) and to have compassion for all beings. His classes are filled with “crisp” humor and endearing humility, skillful hands-on assists, and thoughtful choice of music. Juan offers a witty yet challenging practice that strives to inspire and empower, giving students tools to develop consciousness – and maintain undisrupted when faced with the calamities of everyday life. Juan is eternally grateful to his Teachers who have influenced him: David Swenson, Sharon Gannon, David Life, and his mentor, Rima Rani Rabbath.