Julia Mospanova
300hr Certified

I took my first Jivamukti yoga class in 2015 and fell in love from the first class. With background in dancing for 10 years, I also was not new to yoga, practicing Hatha and Bikram yoga for many years before. But the sound of harmonium along with singing mantras, intense asana practice and meditation altogether in 90 minutes was everything that I needed to release my mind and body from intense work in marketing that I had and help to calm down my emotions. I started to practice more and understood that now I can control my emotions better. Listening to Focus of the month messages, I found out that I want and I can be a better person. Few years after I finished 300 Hours Teacher Training in Costa Rica, that changed my life in 360 degrees. Today I am teaching Jivamukti yoga and happy to share what I learned on the way of each person who wants to become happy and free.