Julia Warmuth
300hr Certified

Till Julia stumbled in a Jivamukti Yoga class in 2016 for her Yoga was always just a physical practice. Within Jivamukti she realized, that Yoga is actually going far beyond. Allowing herself to be, listening and observing is what brings her back on her mat daily. She believes anything and everyone can be a teacher. Julia wants to pass on what she experienced on her own and what daily live is teaching, as authentic and as much from the bottom of her heart as possible. The practice of Yoga is coming with a whole palette of emotions, learnings, highs and lows, fears and love – one not better than the other but needs to be experienced all. She strongly believes that in a world which is still based too much on dualities as left and right, male and female, good and bad, Yoga practice can be a powerful tool for everyone to experience that we’re actually all one and the same.

Till today Julia is in the first place a student and is forever grateful for her teachers Yogeswari and Moritz Ulrich, Sharon Gannon and David Life.