Julia Yashenko
300hr Certified

Continuous improvement and spiritual growth is my inspiration. In 2008, I first attended a Hatha yoga lesson, while simultaneously practicing Qigong and TaiChi. After three years of practicing Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa, attending seminars and retreats, I realized that I was moving in the right direction. Then a friend told me about Bikram Yoga. For 4 years I invested myself completely into that practice and, after some time, I started my teaching activity in the school because I had a desire to share my experience and knowledge with others. It is an indescribable feeling to see the luminous eyes of the students, filled with sincere gratitude. It takes time to understand how wise life is. It becomes clear to us after a while, when looking back. Our life events are not accidental. I am grateful to the Higher Forces that led me to this life – to the Jivamukti Yoga training in Costa Rica in June 2014. It was there, on the shore of the Pacific Ocean, that I found what I was looking for. Every day, with every word, I was opening myself more and more. Each individual soul can be liberated in life. This is what Jivamukti Yoga is about: to be here and now, in the present moment. It shows us how to act from the world within us, how to listen to our heart. Jivamukti gives us integrity, harmony and confidence. It gives us the opportunity to know ourself and to grow spiritually. When I returned from the training, many said that my voice had changed and my eyes began to shine even brighter. I owe it all to Jivamukti! I am grateful to all the teachers who I have met on my life path. From the bottom of my heart I am grateful to my teachers Sharon Gannon and David Life, to the Jivamukti team, to Yogeswari for her love and passion for life, and to NYM yoga (Jivamukti Yoga Moscow) for giving me the possibility to grow.