Karina Gusalova
advanced Certified

Karina first experienced Jivamukti in 2011 and felt love at the first sight. Even though she was already teaching vinyasa yoga, this method seemed more wholesome, complete and contained some mysterious magic that pulled her like an iman. Thanks to her teacher Olga Oskorbina she was convinced to travel to Costa Rica for the 2013 TTC with remarkable Rima and Jules, that embedded the essence of the method in her. Along with Jivamukti, Karina’s inspiration in life is Vipassana meditation. Karina is 800hr Advanced Certified and is teaching regularly at Jivamukti Yoga Barcelona, mentoring at 75TT facilitated by Olga Oskorbina, as well as giving workshops outside of Spain. In her classes Karina creates space for self-understanding and discovery of each student’s unlimited potential, growth and assists students toward more focused and elevated practice.