Kathrin Schindler
300hr Certified

Yoga is a way of life that helps me to reconnect with myself more and more each day – it feels like coming home. The beauty about yoga is that it doesn’t matter, where you are coming from or what your abilities are, everyone can experience it and it’s positive effects – even if you can’t touch your toes (yet). I want to empower my students to leave the need to be perfect behind and try new things, no matter if it works or not. Patience is a key to life and a whole practice in itself that we all need more of in our modern day lives.

The practice of Bhakti – devotional chanting with my harmonium is very dear to my heart, so I recently started giving Kirtans together with my friend and fellow Jivamukti Teacher Tobias Holzinger – find us under @kirtanconnection_stuttgart on instagram if your interested.

I bow down to all my teachers – near, far, in the past, present & future – without you I wouldn’t have much to say.