Katinka Krabiell
800hr Certified

Katinka is a former teacher, but quit her job as a civil servant to devote herself fully to her vocation and today works as a mindfullness coach / spiritual counselor and is a yoga teacher with heart and soul. She completed her first teacher training in 2016 after 14 years of yoga practice at the Bhaktifamily in Bali with international teachers and since then has been teaching with great joy and devotion. She travels to yoga events and trainings around the world to get new inspiration for her classes. She completed her 300hr Jivamukti Teacher Training in November 2018 and since then has been doing her 800 h apprenticeship at Jivamukti Yoga Berlin with her mentor Martyna Eder. “Yoga and the spiritual way of life have changed my life 180 degrees. The joy of life, the gratitude and the courage to follow its highest potential, I would love to pass on through my classes to others. My yoga classes and retreats are very soft on one side, challenging on the other. For me, it’s important to show my students that life starts on the yoga mat. As in life, we learn to accept our limitations and to love ourselves, but also to cultivate the courage to accept challenges and take them into our lives. ” -Katinka – 200h Yoga Alliance Teacher Training / Bhakti Yoga Summer / Bali – 800 hr certified Jivamukti Teacher (Mentor: Martyna Eder)/ Jivamukti Yoga / – The Majesty of Being / Meghan Currie / Bali