Katy Van Dis
300hr Certified
United States

I began my yoga journey in 1999 while living in Seattle.  An amazing older gentleman taught a Kundalini class tucked in the basement of an old church. The class was always packed but the more the merrier he felt. His energy was palpable and his spirit captivating.  We moved in rhythm to his words and our breath and together, I felt, we could change the world one person at time. I fell in love with the energy that we collectively created, and the movement of my body with my breath.  Having spent many years practicing movement in gymnastics, yoga added a spiritual essence that was new and exciting.  I felt able to disconnect the intellectual mind that focused on where I was in space and more able to move freely through the postures. For the next 19 years, I practiced various methods: vinyasa, yin, hatha, kundalini and mindful meditation.  There were many teachers along my journey, but the two most inspirational ones weaved the philosophies of yoga into class. These teachings were practical to my daily life and brought a new depth and richness to my practice. For me, Jivamukti encompasses the breadth of how I want yoga to feel in my body and nourish my soul.  It allows me to find a deeper connection between the interplay of mind and body.   I received my 300-hour teacher training in 2018 and bring with me the lessons I have learned from my teachers over the past 20 years.  My classes focus on breath, intention, movement and providing a safe space to be your true self.