Ksenia Uvarova
75hr Certified

As a lot of people, I tried yoga a couple of times , mostly to get more strength and flexibility, but it wasn’t something that really mattered to me. However, once I experienced Jivamukti Yoga, I felt like it was the part of my life, something I was always looking for. This feeling was related not only to a physical aspect of the practice , but to the first mantra I heard: lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu – that changed a lot my lifestyle and my way of thinking. I’m very happy and proud to have as my Jivamukti teacher Anna Lunegova, who is always incredibly generous to share her light of knowledge and support. I am also inspired  by workshops  and master-classes of Jules Febre, Olga Oskorbina, Rima Rani Rabbath, Yogeshvari, Jessica Stickler and other amazing Jivamukti teachers. Now it’s important for me to share the values and benefits of this method that gives the opportunity not only to strengthen the physical body, calm the mind and get to know your higher Self, but that also encourages the love and compassion to all the beings, everywhere.