Liam Browne
300hr Certified
United Kingdom

Liam has been practicing Jivamukti since he first stumbled across a class at Andrea Everingham’s One Yoga studio in Manchester in 2011. He’d tried lots of different styles and nothing had really resonated, he was searching and as soon as he found Jivamukti that search was over. Like Jivamukti Liam takes ownership of all he does. He loves to teach fast paced dynamic vinyasa with a carefully created playlist that really expands the consciousness of the practitioner. Liam is also the Self-Published Author of the empowerment classic DEALER TO HEALER, well known for his epic Cacao Ceremonies, and is a Healer, Podcaster, and Spiritual Coach. All his work is aimed at propelling people towards Self-realisation and Enlightenment via the Yogic path. You could say Liam is a polymath but we won’t because big words ain’t sexy and one of Liam’s best qualities as a teacher is that he is relatable and down to earth. He uses endearing language, poetry, spoken word, comedy and descriptive prose to make ancient teachings and ideas open your being to new ways of experiencing. One thing you will do around Liam is laugh (A Lot)! His quirky nature will have you in stitches and his smile and laughter is infectious. He is focused and unwavering when it comes to getting things done and his no nonsense approach is so very, very inspiring. He has a natural ability to motivate people to be better in all areas. He brings out the best in people.