Lisa B Masters
800hr Certified
Puerto Rico

Lisa is a classically trained painter and sculptor who lives in Rincon, Puerto Rico, where she owns a small hotel. She first encountered Jivamukti Yoga while visiting NYC to attend the lectures of His Holiness the Dalai Lama in 2010. This was the first time she had practiced yoga where there was an essence of promoting human values and spiritual ideals within the yoga class. Lisa has always yearned for the spiritual path and was very new to Eastern religion. A free spirit, Lisa has had many questions on the path, and found the profound combination of teachings at Jivamukti gave her the freedom and confidence to find the answers that lie within. Upon having the opportunity to study with co-founders David Life and Sharon Gannon at Omega, Sharon-Ji encouraged Lisa to attend the upcoming teacher training in India in 2017. This calling was a life changing adventure for Lisa for which she is most gracious. Upon completing the 300 hour training, Lisa continues to study with her beloved teachers, incorporating their vast knowledge and devotion practices daily in her own classes. She believes what Sharon-ji teaches, “Don’t wait for a better world,” and is committed in the path towards creating peace and harmony here, right now, because this must be the place.