Manizeh Rimer
advanced Certified
United Kingdom
Manizeh is the co-founder of Love Supreme Projects in London. A global citizen, Manizeh was born in Karachi, grew up in Switzerland, attended college in the U.S. before finally laying down roots in London, a city she has always loved. After working as a technology investment banker and at a start-up in San Francisco, she gladly gave it all up when she found her calling as a Yoga teacher in 2003. (She taught online throughout the pandemic to a gathering of incredible students and friends from many corners of the world.  This experience made her feel more passionately now than ever about sharing the magic and the power of Yoga.)Manizeh has been a long time student of Sharon Gannon, David Life and Jai Uttal. She is an Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher and started Jivamukti Yoga London in 2005 (today’s Sangye Yoga) and she started and developed the Yoga program for the U.K.’s Maggie’s Cancer Centres. Manizeh holds a B.A in political science from Brown University.‘’I’ve taken many Yoga classes, but Manizeh’s class is much more than just a class. It moves and shakes you to the core. It’s hard to put in words how much she has given me. Once you take her class you are hooked. She is a heart opener. No class or teacher has given me so much. Her classes are life changing.” Marie-Louise Scio“Manizeh is a rare teacher who sees the innate wisdom, serenity, holiness, and happiness inside of everyone. She is committed to honoring that light in the individual and with her skill, dedication, and guidance the brightness gets brighter.” Sharon Gannon“When I think of Manizeh, I think of integrity, love, power, commitment and humor. She’s a great friend to her community, her students and her extended family.” Jai Uttal