Marie Montocchio
800hr Certified

Marie (born in France) is a 800H Certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher based in Barcelona. She is also a Landscape architect and an Illustrator artist: her teaching is inspired by the observation of the natural realm and by her creative processes.

In her classes, she strives to offer a safe space where each student can dive inward, and explore an ever expanding range of sensations and emotions. Convinced of the healing power of Sound, she loves chanting mantras and guides immersive inner-journeys with carefully selected soundscapes.

Her higher goal is to compassionately accompany her students to cultivate the ability to be available for things as they are, without anxiety about imperfection or fear for the unknown. She hopes they leave the practice a little more present, confident, resilient and compassionate.

Marie is eternally grateful to her Teachers, who are always accompanying her on her path.