Mascha Artz
300hr Certified

Growing up in Germany I started doing ballet when I was very young. I continued dancing throughout my teens and 20s, when slowly but surely my passion for traveling and touring with bands took over. While doing a photography project on veganism in NYC in early 2009, I came across Jivamukti which made me view yoga in a completely different light and encouraged me to dig deeper in its philosophy and teachings. Time passed and an accident put my life on hold for a while, forcing me to change most of my plans for the future. Not being able to do any physical exercise was the most challanging. Finally a few years later I was able to get back into yoga. A daily practice and the goal to become a Jivamukti Teacher helped me to get back on my feet. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Learning about yoga, its philosophy and getting the chance to share my knowledge and love for it, as well as the recipe for how to use it to overcome any obstacles life might put in your way.