Maureen Lyon
300hr Certified
United States

At the start of the Hospice movement in the United States in 1980, I volunteered to be Director of Clinical Training for Haven of Northern Virginia. This experience inspired me to complete a PhD in Clinical Psychology. With 27 years of experience as a clinical health psychologist, I have become a senior researcher in ways to give teenagers living with HIV and cancer a voice in decision-making about their own end-of-life care with the support of their families. While doing this emotionally and spiritually challenging work, I began yoga practice in a health club. Initially I was drawn to the stretching and relaxation, but yoga began to have an unexpected positive effect – I would feel happy for no specific reason. With the encouragement of my yoga teacher who said I was the most improved student, I undertook my first teacher training, understanding what new students might need. Years later by chance I came to a Jivamukti class in New York City. I felt I had found a spiritual home. I then began integrating Jivamukti into my classes and home practice. I began planning ways to complete Jivamukti teacher training. In 2016 in Costa Rica I completed the 30 day teacher training under the guidance of David Life and other practitioners. I currently teach 6 a.m. classes at the same space where I began my practice in Alexandria, Virginia, USA in 1990, Old Town Sport & Health.