Miya Signor
800hr Certified
United States

The first yoga class Miya took was taught by the blessed Dharma Mittra. Walking out of the studio Miya felt mystified and inspired. What resonated deeply for her was the importance of internal truth, discipline and compassion in the yogic traditions. Many years later, Miya sees that the essence of life is what lies in-between the highs and lows. Her yogic practice now finds stability in what is always changing. In 2011, she completed her 800 Hour Jivamukti Yoga certification. She is deeply grateful to her teachers Sharon Gannon, David Life, Ruth Lauer-Manenti, and Rima Rabbath. Miya’s classes combine a calm spirituality, resonate chanting, and eclectic music. She loves to work with her hands to employ clear, supportive adjustments. The pace of her classes is slow but challenging. Miya encourages students to have a daily practice so that they can begin to cultivate the freedom that discipline brings to ones life.