Naděžda Brzobohatá
300hr Certified
Czech Republic

My name is Naďa. I live in Czech Republic, in city Brno. I have moved back here in 2011 after living 10 years in USA. That is were I met yoga. I practiced couple of years before I was introduced to Jivamukti Yoga and it was love at the first practice. My first practice was actually in Washington DC, with Sharonji. I completed TT in 2010, then came back home to Czech, opened a yoga studio and have been teaching there since then. I am doing my best to share what was given to me. I am happy to be creating and co-creating a vital environment for all who is interested in yoga practices, compassion, sharing love and joy. I am honored to be part of our yoga tradition. Hari Óm. With great love all is possible.