Nadja Steinbach
800hr Certified

Traveling the world is in my blood and being immersed throughout the years into different cultures has opened my mind and heart. I have lived in many places. Living and evolving in community means everything to me. Having a master’s degree in Organic Agriculture and working in Ethical Fashion for many years, yoga was a continuation of the path I went on long before. I believe that the practice of yoga is a place for individual growth and acceptance by bringing together different people with a common ground. Being together in this space, generates an overwhelming feeling of unity that we so often miss in our everyday life. Holding space for this and whatever unfolds is the magic of yoga. My passion lies in creating an experience where the spiritual teachings are integrated with asana. I’m interested in making the yogic scriptures engaging, accessible and relevant to our modern life, without diluting the substance of the teachings. I am devoted to my teachers Sharon Gannon & David Life and feel honored to call myself a Jivamukti Yoga Teacher. I have had the privilege of studying with many amazing teachers: Sharon Gannon and David Life, Olga Oskorbina, Jules Febre, Yogeswari, Moritz Ulrich, Karina Gusalova and Maria Macaya.