Naile Soyel
300hr Certified

Naile is a food scientiest, spiritual activist and life long yoga addicted student. After years of practicing and being certifed as yoga Instructuor from Vivekenanda University – India, she has always thought something was missing. When she took her first Jivamukti Yoga Open Class (thought by her beloved teacher Yogeswari); everything started to become more meaningful as a life practice! Soon, she started to learn more about this magical method and took the Teacher Training at Omega, in New York City in 2010 where she had a privilege to be close and learn directly from her beloved teachers Sharon Gannon and David Life. She is eternally grateful to the holy spirit that she is part of the Jivamukti Lineage and still burning to learn from her beloved teachers. Naile is eternally thankful to all the teachers throughout her life who have influenced and continue to amaze her every day. Naile is teaching Jivamukti as a first and still only one Jivamukti Teacher in her country Cyprus, regular and private classes and workshops in yoga schools, in festivals and retreats; and doing her best to be keeping the satsang of spiritual seekers and activists. Naile is an advocate for animal rights and devoted herself to be the voice of compassion towards all beings.