Nathalie Wahlberg
300hr Certified

Nathalie has a background in the performing arts as a dancer and performer.
After falling ill with a rare disease she had to let go of her career as a professional dancer and find new pathways in life. She discovered Jivamukti Yoga at the beginning of 2016 and experienced how it gave her a similar sensation as when dancing; movement to music, balance, discipline, refined technique, and a constant strive to develop beyond the physical and mental limits of the body. She also experienced how the method supported her healing process on a physical, energetical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual level. Helping her to find meaning and courage to move on from the idea of a past identity as a dancer.
She fell in love with the holistic approach and devotional nature of the method and sees great power in yoga as a transformative practice and facilitator of humans shift into a higher consciousness, which is crucial during this season of our existence.
Through blending her professional roles as an experience designer, change consultant, artist, and yoga teacher she likes to create experiences that cultivate presence, promote wellbeing and contribute to meaningful transformations in life, for the benefit of all beings.