Rebecca Utz
300hr Certified

Rebecca’s passion for Jivamukti Yoga started with the documentary “What is Real” (2016), the story about Jivamukti Yoga and the two founders Sharon Gannon and David Life. Especially Sharon`s intellect, her charisma and the way she transferred the eastern philosophical idea of yoga to a western audience was very inspiring. The seed was planted and the more Rebecca knew about Jivamukti the more she felt the desire to be a part of the community and to get a deeper insight. 2019 she completed her Jivamukti teacher training with Moritz Ulrich and Emma Henry in Costa Rica – a life changing experience, which influenced both Rebecca’s teaching style and also her work as a psychological consultant. Jivamukti Yoga’s emphasis on the “big picture”, the social and environmental justice, such as the guiding principle to feel compassion for all beings strengthened Rebecca’s holistic approach – a way that can create a deep satisfaction beyond the yoga class, off the mat, supports you physically and mentally in your life and helps to increase self-awareness.