Roxana Berndal
800hr Certified

I have worked in different industries for over 25 years; with people, prosperity, leadership and personal development, I have learned how everything is connected – how we feel in our body, our self-image, thoughts, feelings, ability to express ourselves, ability to help and support others, daily routines, exercise, what we stop in us, relationships, jobs, dreams, all parts that make us the ones we are! Yoga came into my life 2007, in Thailand, when I was looking for the meaning of life. There I started practicing Ashtanga and meditation. Yoga and meditation transformed me so much that I remained on the island for a year and deepened my knowledge, gaining insight into who I am. It clicked what I wanted with my life: to move on, help, share these amazing tools that make our lives and lives of others better. Being able to do that makes me feel deeply lucky! I’m a messenger, a tool that aims to develop and share knowledge, help people dare to meet themselves and feel better. Today I am teaching yoga, running Brahmayoga (Nacka / Stockholm) and Huay Yang yoga (Thailand). Brahmayoga is at this time the only affiliate Jivamukti yoga studio in Sweden. I am developing my skills continuously and travel the world several times a year to participate in in-depth courses and workshops with the most experienced yoga teachers from all over the world. Background and overall experience: Yoga teacher and yoga therapist: Jivamukti 800 h Ashtanga: 250 h Child / Family Yoga: 50 h Restorative: 25 h Mediyoga and yoga therapy (medical yoga): 850 h Other: Certified Stress Management Therapist Massage therapist: Sport massage, Yoga massage, Ayurvedic treatments