Sabrina Hense
300hr Certified

Sabrina had her first – at the time rather irritating – experience with Yoga in 2006 in a fitness center in Italy. Yet she sporadically tried different styles and teachers in the years to follow, until in 2011 she popped into a Jivamukti-inspired class. From that day on Yoga naturally became an ever-increasing part of her life. In 2017 she completed her teacher training amidst the indescribable beauty of the Costa Rican jungle with David Life, Rima Rabbath and Anja Kühnel. As a health scientist and stress management coach she is fascinated by the many parallels between modern science and yogic teachings. She is convinced of the effects of Yoga on different aspects of our wellbeing and time and again impressed by the endless abundance of this practice. And she firmly believes that everybody in its very own way can find his or her personal path within it. Sabrina is thankful for all the teachers that she meets every day on and off the mat; especially Moritz Ulrich and Rebecca Randak for their continuing trust and support. She is looking forward to share and let further grow her experiences and her love for Yoga with you in her classes.