300hr Certified

Sami was born in Tokyo and spent most of her life time in Tokyo until 2018. She spent some years in Jordan and Saudi Arabia in her childhood. In her teenage years, she was in UK to go to a boarding school. She respects peace and harmony. On the way to Middle East, when she was 4, the airplane was attacked by terrorists. This experience and spending time in Middle east, life in boarding school gave her understanding of peace and harmony. After the graduation from bachelor of arts degree in Tokyo, she worked for language schools, real estate offices, specialized trading company and central government in Tokyo. She started teaching yoga in 2011. In 2018, she moved to Shonan area from Tokyo to share her knowledge of Yoga. She is open to people of all ages, nationalities and gender. She travels in Japan and abroad sometime for yoga retreat for her own study and for leading a group. At some point, for continuing her own yoga practice, she started learning Thai massage and became a Thai massage therapist. She is grateful to Gurus in her past, present and future. Especially, Jivamukti yoga which she is walking her life together. She attended Jivamukti TT in NY in 2015. Since then she feels Jivamukti TT makes her life deeper. She deeply appreciate to all teaching from Jivamukti yoga teachers.