Seda Has
300hr Certified

I met with Yoga Concept in 2010 and started taking lessons from Demet Yoruc who is the first Jivamukti Teacher in Turkey, İstanbul. Two hours a week was not sufficient and I felt that I need to go deeper into the practice hence I took some teacher trainings and had 200 plus another 200 Yoga Alliance training certificates in 2015 and 2019 respectively. I am also a full time Finance Manager in a big Corporation, hence it has been an on and off journey and during the pandemic I joined 300 hour Italy online training and got my certificate as Jivamukti teacher. I quit my job end of 2020 however work-life did not leave me and I still continue my work-life in Finance. I still consider myself as a life time student, nevertheless I started teaching via zoom to our friends who met with Yoga concept for the first time so it feels great to convey information to enthusiastic learners and it energizes me. I like reading Patanjali Sutras, Bhagavad Gita and I see the whole practice as means to know oneself better and feel grounded. Strength, flexibility and breath together with internal energy comes with time and continuous practice. For clarity and to be of selfless service meditation practice helps to clear our minds and know that there is one eternal source that governs us all. Combining all the elements of philosophy, practice helps to walk in this path and I am thankful to all the lineage of teachers who brought light to us to follow this path.