Serena Li
300hr Certified

Serena li started to practice yoga from 2009. She usually practices at home daily instead of participanting in group classes as daily routine. For her, Yoga is a magic landscape that reconnects her with inner peace and the deep wisdom of life. Her thoughts and teaching are influenced by the life experiences that brought her to Jivamukti Yoga, where she met wonderful teachers and lovely Jivas. They taught her the way to lift herself and others. Serena teaches Jivamukti classes in her new studio Mukti Home in Kunming, and wherever else she travels. She is a Jivamukti Yoga teacher, and a Craniosacral Therapy Practitioner level 2. She participated in the First China India yoga summit conference with BKS Iyanger in Guangzhou China, and also traveled to London , Belfast, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Bangkok for yoga trainings. Contact her on wechat: serenality